Advanced Simulation Technology inc.
Additional DACS System Options
Photo of optional system hardware
The Hand-Held Terminal (HHT) allows the use of DIS radios or network intercoms where there is no host simulator control panel for the radio operator. The HHT allows the operator to control up to 16 independent radios or intercoms, set frequency, volume, squelch, sidetone, PTT, etc.
The Remote Interface Unit (RIU), a DSP-based audio interface and I/O card, provides remote interface to headsets, speakers, HTTs, panels, and PTT switches. Each RIU provides local digital conversion of up to four audio channels, along with a moderate amount of serial and digital I/O, to monitor control panel "switchology." Up to 14 of these devices can be positioned along a single digital ring network that carries the time division multiplexed signals to and from the central DACS. This architecture provides a clean cabling solution to the low technology/high cost problem of voice and I/O distribution across a training site for multiple operator configurations.
The Distributed Digital Interface (DDI) provides direct connection to discrete controls such as switches, potentiometers, and external power switching circuits with ASTi's Model Builder software. DDI functions include the ability to handle up to 32 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, a 4x4 keypad, and multifunction smart display.
Ancillary Equipment available includes:
  • Signal distribution cables and boxes
  • Audio power amps and speakers
  • Headsets and PTT/Volume control boxes
  • Simulated communications panels
  • Custom audio interface equipment


  • Software Maintenance & Telephone Support (Annual Contract)
  • Technical Installation Services
  • Custom Configuration Modeling
  • Turnkey System Solutions
  • Training Courses: On-site & Factory, Model Builder Modeling Software, DIS/HLA Radio Applications, Custom Model Assistance
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