ASTi At-a-Glance

Systems Deployed: 9,792
Installations: Over 800 sites in 49 countries
Employees: 44 (not incl. contractors, interns, or dogs)
Location: Herndon, VA (in the Washington, DC metro area)
Phone: 703-471-2104
Proline system

Super high-tech system (for its day);
we don't sell these any more...

ASTi Corporate History

Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi) was founded in 1989 to provide digital aural cue and communications systems for flight simulators and other real-time simulation and training devices.

It has subsequently evolved to address the varied & complex audio and communications needs of: military training and simulation (including serious games), commercial flight training and simulation, emergency response training, local and wide-area voice-over-IP solutions, and general networked comms and intercom systems.

ASTi's technologies and products are built to answer any audio or communications challenge, regardless of the marketplace.