Advanced Simulation Technology inc.
ASTi Free Training
ASTi has regularly hosted a Free Two Day Training Course in our Herndon office for several years now, and we see no reason to give up on a good thing.
ASTi is expanding the free training repertoire by offering: A two-day Free Telestra and ACE Software Training course, and the new one-day Free Voisus Training (yes, it's that simple, you can learn all about it in a day!).
Certainly—as far as ASTi is concerned—we have no intention of trying to restrict their frequency or availability, since we have always felt that the best sales tool for ASTi is a customer fully educated in the capabilities of our products.
ASTi will continue to offer training for any of our products (DACS, Telestra 3, or Telestra 4) on an as-required basis, see pricing details. If you have an interest in attending such a class please contact Liz Gory (telephone x123 or email and she will coordinate a suitable date with you.
Please note that we try to maintain class sizes between 4 to 6 attendees. Therefore, once you sign up, we expect you to make every effort to attend; “no-shows” are strongly discouraged.
The syllabus for the free training sessions was originally focused upon the use of single platform applications. However, as our product range has expanded and as the training technology has increased in complexity, we find that these courses can only touch on some of the highlights of certain features. Although we do make every effort to arrange the courses so that attendees share a common set of interests to focus more upon items of mutual concern, we do caution that this two-day, generic course is no substitute for the custom training course targeted at a very specific customer application.
All students who complete their training and pass the course are presented with a certificate and ASTi shirt at the end of the course.