Advanced Simulation Technology inc.
Terrain Database
ASTi's Terrain Database server offloads occulting and signal degradation information and provides complete simulation of terrain effects on the communications environment including voice and tactical data transmissions, jamming, etc. For convenience, a complete DTED Level 0 dataset of the earth is delivered with the ability to install higher-fidelity terrain data in desired areas of interest.
The Terrain Server interacts with ACE via the modeling environment's existing Terrain Interface and supports all transmitter/receiver pairs on the network.
Propagation algorithms are optimized to ensure real-time performance and handling of large amounts of transmitters and receivers, without sacrificing accuracy of the Fresnel Zone diffraction effects.
Terrain capabilities include:
  • DTED Level 0 terrain data of complete earth
  • Ability to add custom data on top of baseline data
  • Optimized path loss calculation for real-time performance
  • Fresnel Zone diffraction effects
  • Tracking of all transmitters/receivers over the simulation network
  • Visualization tool for point-to-point queries