ASTi Customers & Installations

11,135 ASTi has delivered 11,135 systems so far.
800+ More than 800 installation sites around the world have ASTi equipment.
540+ Companies and government agencies supported number more than 540.
49 ASTi products are installed in 49 different countries, including the U.S.
32 ASTi has been delivering product and supporting customers since 1989.

ASTi's Legacy

For 32 years, ASTi has served as a vanguard of simulation innovation, delivering products and services that enhance critical training and experimentation programs for an impressive list of military and civilian programs. Our solution space ranges from subsystems integrated into the world’s most sophisticated flight simulators to elegant software add-ins that extend the capabilities of serious games.

ASTi systems operate at the heart of programs that support incredibly skilled and potentially dangerous jobs—USAF forward air controllers, Army infantry company commanders, Marine combat pilots, Navy fire controlmen, and commercial aviation pilots. Our core mission is to maximize the effectiveness and safety of these people.

Contact ASTi to discover how we can enhance your mission performance, minimize your program’s lifetime costs, and most importantly, make your job (and maybe your life) a bit easier. We’d be honored to add you to our list.