ASTi Solo

ASTi expanded its powerful Voisus® comms and sound product with Solo, a standalone application that installs on your Windows desktop or laptop. Compact and portable, Solo can adapt to any training scenario. No extra hardware required.

Perfect for small programs, single operators, or last-minute stand-up for training exercises, Solo provides instant comms for training at the point of need. Its intuitive interface enables administrators to configure the core communication requirements of any exercise.

Back up, restore, import, and export settings to different systems, or define multiple roles with different radios. Quickly set up simulated radios, intercoms, and more, creating a comms environment that meets your Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) needs.

In a typical configuration, Solo runs alongside a Voisus client on your computer. It communicates with other assets (e.g., a flight simulator, PC operators, LVC, RoIP) via the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) network:

This low-cost, low-maintenance option interoperates with all ASTi products and DIS-based training applications. It doesn’t just offer ready-to-go interfaces: ASTi’s software development kit (SDK) lets you develop custom UIs for almost any application.

Integration is simple, making it easy to add high-fidelity radio simulations and comms to virtual reality devices and Next Gen training environments.

Features and Capabilities

  • VoIP, RoIP, PSTN, and intercom
  • Customer-furnished equipment, government-furnished equipment, and thin client compatibility
  • Voisus client SDK for custom GUI development
  • Virtual comms environments
  • Support for multiple joysticks and foot switches
  • Advanced radio skin library*
  • A Comm Plan with customizable radio frequencies, modulations, and audio codecs
  • Customizable DIS radio features (e.g., entity attach)
  • Simultaneous communication on multiple radios
  • Windows compatibility
* Export control restrictions apply. Contact for more information.
Comm Plan
Client Management (Dark Mode)

ASTi has deployed Solo to Joint Fires Synthetic Training (JFST), a UK MOD program spanning 15 Army training sites. To learn about Solo at JFST, go to Hybrid Software and Hardware Solution for JFST.

To learn what Solo can do for your program, contact for a demo, or view our Solo brochure.