ASTi RMA Policy

If it becomes necessary to return equipment to ASTi for repair, please observe the following instructions:

  1. Request an RMA number using the form on our website (Request an RMA). The receiving department at ASTi will not receive a repair without an RMA number.
  2. Please ensure that no classified material is sent to ASTi with regard to any repair. If classified or top secret material is sent to ASTi, it will be destroyed at the owner's expense.

    When packaging the equipment in question, make sure it is well protected. ALWAYS DOUBLE BOX the ASTi platform with at least three inches of packaging material between the inner and outer cartons at the closest point. The inner container should employ some semi-rigid, contour-fitting foam, while the exterior container should use a more pliant, shock-absorbing material such as styrofoam peanuts. All equipment and individual cards or modules should be properly enclosed in antistatic bags to prevent possible ESD damage. DO NOT ship monitors unless they are the item to be evaluated. Failure to properly package equipment could void warranty.

  3. ASTi will not be responsible for any damage to equipment shipped via DHL.
  4. Do not include the accessory pieces, such as power cords, software and mounting brackets. Only return items that do not work.
  5. The shipping label must include the RMA number.
  6. Include a description of the problem including the serial number for the unit in question. Include point of contact information including name, telephone number and equipment return address. Failure to include a point of contact at your company could delay return of equipment.
  7. Evaluation of equipment is performed free of charge if under warranty. No chargeable work will be done without prior customer approval. For non-warranty repairs, return shipping fees will be required. To avoid any fees, customer contact before shipment may eliminate the need to return the equipment. Configuration issues are our largest reason for return.
  8. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to ASTi for warranty and non-warranty repairs.
  9. Note that if equipment is not under warranty, a purchase order will be required to cover any repairs. ASTi will provide a quote for all non-warranty items, including return shipping. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges on non-warranty equipment.
  10. Equipment still under warranty will be shipped back via Federal Express, unless otherwise directed. ASTi is responsible for return shipping charges on domestic items under warranty.
  11. If equipment is not received by ASTi within thirty (30) days of the RMA number issuing date, the request data and number issued will be closed and designated as unused.
  12. Any items received from customers without RMA numbers or appropriate contact information included with shipment will not be tested. After sixty (60) days, ASTi reserves the right to scrap all hardware received in this condition.
  13. Additional Information for International Customers

  14. International customers must first research, assess and adhere to the applicable regulations of their own country's customs authority. Customs authorities in countries other than the United States usually have different procedures and documentation requirements for repairs. For example, some countries require that the goods being returned be registered with the customs authority prior to sending it to the United States for repair. This documentation proves that the goods have been legally imported and duty has been paid on the goods and that additional duties should not be assessed on the entire item when returned. The customs authority in the buyer's country will likely assess duty on the declared value of the repair. It is not the responsibility or requirement of ASTi to advise on international customers’ adherence to the customs regulations of other countries.

    Accordingly, ASTi will not assume responsibility for costs or penalties of a customer's non-compliance with applicable customs regulations.

  15. All items returned or submitted for repair are considered by ASTi to have a zero value with regards to the United States' customs regulations. You should use harmonized tariff code 9801.00.1012 for your return. The value of the item is zero because the sale of the item has already been registered. Listing the original value, under United States customs regulations would create a new sale and all attendant duties and requirements. All items that have not been advanced in value or improved in condition which are for any reason returned to ASTi must be listed at zero value for cartage. In other words, any such items should have an attendant commercial invoice which includes, in addition to all other specifications, something along the lines of:

    "The goods are of U.S. origin, being returned for repair, and have not been advanced in value or improved in condition."

    Customers may contact ASTi prior to sending items if you have questions about harmonized tariff codes or conflicting customs regulations. The customer is 100% responsible for all duties, taxes and fees incurred in shipment of the equipment.