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ASTi Corporate Information

Introduction to ASTi

Information aimed at first-time customers (or those of you who just want to learn about ASTi). It explains who we are, what we do, and how our systems can solve your simulation audio and communications or large-voice network switching problems. » Corporate information

Employment Opportunities

Read about ASTi's philosophy and corporate history. Learn about life at ASTi, ASTi benefits, and available positions. » Employment

Driving Directions

Get maps, driving directions, and local restaurant information here. » Directions

Video Presentations

Learn about ASTi's corporate history, new Windows software, and security initiatives. » Videos

Some of the People Behind Your Success

Just who are all these hard-working ASTi people? » ASTi employees
ASTi Office

Contracting Philosophy

What to expect from ASTi when we're under contract. This piece discusses a variety of different issues from "a satisfied customer is a repeat customer" to our need for strictly enforcing credit terms. » Contracting philosophy

Simulator Types

This section lists the different types of military and commercial simulators ASTi has worked with in the past. If your type of simulator isn't on the list, don't worry... we can handle it! » Simulator types