Advanced Simulation Technology inc.
An Introduction to ASTi

ASTi What is ASTi?

Advanced Simulation Technology, inc. (ASTi) was founded in 1989 to provide digital aural cue and communications systems for flight simulators and other real-time simulation and training devices. It has subsequently evolved into radio simulation, DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) and HLA (High Level Architecture) communications products & large voice network switching systems, conferencing systems, and digital voice recording platforms for training and other industries.

What can ASTi do for me?

ASTi specializes in all aspects of audio simulation from single radio operator systems to large, multi-user, end-to-end site communications systems. ASTi's collective experience and knowledge can be applied to solve any audio or communications problem you can throw at us.
In addition to our sound simulation and communications networks, ASTi also offers an extensive list of add-on equipment and services. Custom, high-fidelity radio & operator panels, push-to-talk hand and foot switches, and custom cables are just a few. We offer a complete audio solution including sound and communications modeling, documentation, and design/integration support, if required.

Radio and Communications Environment

Years of ASTi investment into research and development allows us to say that our simulated Radio and Communications Environment is the best and most cost-effective product commercially available today. Achieving a realistic networked radio and communications environment requires taking into account the detailed effects involved in the transmission, propagation, and reception of a real radio signal. These effects must be duplicated reliably and with minimal latency, even under high network traffic conditions.
ASTi's product line does just that... and it makes your simulated Radio and Communications Environment as real as technology allows. Some of the variables ASTi takes into account:
  • Curvature of the Earth Modeling (WGS84)
  • Free Space Signal Strength Simulation
  • Terrain Occulting Effects
  • AM/FM Band Interference
  • Modulation Type Discrimination
  • Line-of-Sight and Over-the-Horizon Effects
  • Background Noise Levels based on carrier modulation frequency, antenna noise figure, receiver band width, and fresnel effects
  • Squelch
  • Crypto System, Key and Frequency Hopping parameters
  • Antennae Gain

Aural Cues and Environmental Audio

Aural Cues are sounds initiated by an event or action in the virtual environment. For example, when a pilot in a simulator presses the trigger to fire a missile, the sound he hears as it activates and zooms away is an environmental aural cue. By the same token, when his simulated flight path brings him in range of a navigational beacon, the sound he hears in his headphones is a NavAid aural cue.
Environmental Audio is really just the same thing as an aural cue, but it is our generic term for everything that the operator hears as part of his simulated vehicle environment. It can include things like engine roar, propeller noise, rotor chop, rushing wind, rain, etc.
ASTi's audio solutions will enable you to generate your own aural cues & environmental sounds, design your own sounds in our software package, or play pre-recorded sounds generated from other systems or devices. If need be, ASTi can build the complete sound model for you, based on your specifications.

Digital Intercom

Digital Intercom capability provides communications between groups connected to a local communications node, and between extended groups across local and wide-area networks. Our solutions are specifically designed for applications requiring multiple users with access to multiple voice nets. This network-centric architecture provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective approach which can interconnect literally hundreds of operator positions.