Advanced Simulation Technology inc.

ASTi JTC TRS Solution

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ASTi has created a shrink-wrapped communication and aural cue product specifically for JTAC, CAS, CFF, and similar training systems. This targeted product utilizes ASTi's industry-proven COTS equipment and software to meet or exceed the specific requirements of the JTC TRS training device. Additional JTC TRS software creates a cost effective plug and play solution to minimize program risk.

Features and Capabilities

  • Realistic Radio Communications
  • Realistic Radio Panels (Virtual or Hardware)
  • Complete Radio Environment Modeling
  • Full Communication Plan and Net Configuration
  • Satcom, Terrain, Jamming
  • IOS/Pilot Station Role Play and Monitoring
  • Separate Tablet or Fully Integrated Communications (IOS/Pilot Station)
  • Intercom (Training System, Site-to-Site)
  • Network Interoperability (DMO, DIS, HLA)
  • Immersive 3D Sound (Range, Doppler, Occulting)
  • DIACAP Approved

JTC TRS Diagram