SERA 2.0

Fasten your seatbelts, because SERA 2.0 is ready for takeoff. This year, ASTi made some major upgrades to SERA, including a new text-to-speech (TTS) system, Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) updates, and an X-Plane plug-in.

Say More, Do More with Text to Speech

With this release, SERA no longer relies on third-party TTS providers. SERA now includes a new and more natural-sounding TTS system that quickly generates unlimited, high-fidelity voices with accents from all over the world. This multitude of new voices empowers SERA to replicate even the most complicated environments. It even mirrors the speech patterns and cadences of actual radio interactions, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world. The result is a diverse, compelling soundscape that’s never been more lifelike.

Data Link: It’s Finally OK to Text in Class

Next up, ASTi improved SERA’s CPDLC capabilities. In SERA 2.0, a new API enables an external host to send and receive data link messages, making simulated configurations more flexible than ever. The built-in API supports FANS 1/A+ and ATN B1 and all levels of training devices. Better yet, trainers with simulated avionics integrate directly with SERA’s CPDLC and don’t require any additional hardware.

The stimulated configuration is also sleeker and more efficient with a 429 connection straight from SERA. In fact, a major military customer is currently integrating and testing SERA’s CPDLC stimulated configuration, which will be operational in early 2022. To learn more about SERA’s CPDLC package, go to Controller Pilot Data-Link Communications (CPDLC), or contact ASTi at

Our X-Plane Plug-in Marks the Spot

SERA now works directly with X-Plane, making it easier than ever to integrate. Our plug-in captures aircraft data directly from the flight simulation engine, while the coreDS plug-in from populates the visual system with SERA’s traffic. Combined, these elements create an immersive experience that’s cost-effective and easy to install. We supply all the tools—no software development or custom work required.

ASTi developed the plug-in because of increased interest in virtual reality (VR) for low-cost training, where X-Plane is popular for COTS simulation engines. VR trainers typically require an instructor to role-play ATC for each device, which is impractical and expensive in a room full of trainers. To eliminate this need, SERA generates traffic that competes for trainees’ attention and increases their workload.

SERA supports a continually expanding list of simulation platforms right out of the box. Check back next year for more compatibility options, including FlightSim 2020! To learn more about SERA’s X-Plane plug-in, go to ASTi's SERA Product Achieves Full X-Plane Compatibility. To find out which integration option works best for you, contact