ASTi is a Great Place to Work!

We have been named one of the "50 Great Places to Work" in the D.C. metro area by Washingtonian magazine three times. That's a lot of times!

If we could sum up ASTi's core philosophy in just one sentence, it would be:

"Do the right thing and speak up;
deserve the company's trust, and be treated as trustworthy by the company."

With such an all-encompassing statement, you may wonder: "What does it actually mean?"

There are several important extensions of this idea that are central to our company, our personality, and the way we do business.

Our employees are crucial to our survival.

Employees are extremely valuable corporate resources, and should be treated with respect and trust. In our business, we depend on our employees' always acting in the company's best interests. As such, your relationship with ASTi is regarded as a durable one, not one that will be ended just to maximize some short-term profit goal.

Employees are only valuable if they can be trusted.

Like we said before, ASTi puts a premium on trust. As an employee, we expect that you will make a sincere and mature effort to try to earn your salary. Although this is a hefty expectation, it also to your advantage, as it allows us to give you more wiggle room elsewhere. This means that you will be authorized to make decisions for the company (and that there won't be any need for timesheets). See also: "Life at ASTi".

Our business is in our reputation.

Without our customers, we would not exist. And our customers only continue to buy our products because we have developed a reputation for being responsive, ethical, and reliable. Working with ASTi ensures customer success and end-customer satisfaction. Our commitment to customer support has—in turn—only added to the growing constituency of ASTi advocates out there in the user community.