ASTi Launches No-Cost Voisus Evaluation Service

April 24, 2013

At the 2013 Defense Gametech Users’ Conference last week, ASTi announced the launch of, a no-cost evaluation service for its Voisus product. Voisus is ASTi’s ready-to-deploy, Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) and serious games audio and communications solution. The service allows prospective customers to create and manage their own Voisus server “in the cloud” for a full, 30-day evaluation period.

The Voisus server executes powerful audio processing, while lightweight software clients provide high-fidelity simulated radio and intercom communications. The Voisus communications suite includes:

  • Centralized, web-based management to configure and distribute exercise scenarios
  • Software communications clients with realistic radio skins; clients are easily downloaded to customer PCs and tablets
  • Point-to-point calling and conferencing
  • Integration with VBS™, Unity, CryENGINE, and other serious games for an immersive training experience
  • ASTi Construct, to create the illusion of more players in serious games by linking automated radio, voice, and sound with synthetic entities and game avatars to populate the training environment
  • ASTi Simscribe, a networked communications capture and replay tool for after-action review
  • RESTful API, to create custom user interfaces and integrate Voisus with other training systems

ASTi’s communications systems have enhanced the realism and effectiveness of government and industry programs since 1989.

Visit and, or contact ASTi at for more information.


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