ASTi Provides Communications and 3D Sound for the Call for Fire Trainer III (CFFT III)

December 3, 2013

Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi) was awarded a subcontract by Nova Technologies to provide communications and 3D sound for the U.S. Army's Call for Fire Trainer III (CFFT III), an advanced artillery training system that uses 3D technology to create virtual battlefields where all levels of personnel can train for call for fire missions.

ASTi's simulated radio environment, Voisus communications clients, are included in CFFT III Classroom Configurations and CFFT III's Immersive Configurations: Adaptive Full Spectrum Module (AFSM) and Close Air Support Module (CASM). ASTi's Earshot 3D sound technology is included in CFFT III's Close Air Support Module (CASM).

The classroom configurations train U.S. Armed Forces personnel to deliver calls for fire in a combined arms environment, and range in size from one instructor to four students (1:4) to one instructor to 30 students (1:30). ASTi's custom, integrated communications clients provide radio and intercom communications for trainees.

The CASM is an immersive simulator that includes ASTi's simulated radio environment, custom communications clients, and Earshot 3D sound environment to provide a realistic battlefield environment. Earshot uses physics-based algorithms to render sound dynamically based on DIS and HLA data. It includes a built-in library of Entity, Fire and Detonation sounds such as an A-10 flyover, A-10 gunfire, ambient noise, and explosions.

In the CFFT III systems, ASTi's communications and Earshot 3D sound technology are integrated with PRC-117G Simulated Military Equipment (SME), One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF), Joint Simulation Bus (JBUS) and other Joint Fires Product Line (JFPL) components.

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