CTC Aviation receives ASTi's SERA Solution

April 12, 2016

Southampton, England – Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi) recently delivered its Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) solution to Crew Training Center (CTC) Aviation. SERA is installed on two A320 Flight Management Guidance System training devices and one Boeing 737 Next Generation Flight Management Computer training device, all manufactured by Airliner1. In addition to full-sized replica switches, these trainers expose students to Mode Control Panel, Electronic Flight Information Systems, and Cockpit Display Unit hardware.

SERA provides accurate, real-world radio communications using unique, realistic "human" voices to teach students proper terminology and interaction with synthetic controllers. Updates to the SERA control interface allow students to select and run predefined training scenarios through intuitive, web-based control pages. As a result, instructors no longer need to role-play air traffic control calls, and can concentrate on the training focus throughout each simulator session.

Before SERA, flight-training programs lacked the structure and tools to teach this critical aspect of daily aircraft operations. SERA integrates with all types of aircraft training devices, including:

  • Simple desktop environments
  • Part-task trainers
  • Flight Training Devices (FTDs)
  • Level D full flight simulators
Guy Adams, Boeing Deputy Head of Training at CTC Aviation, reported that SERA is a "very effective tool, enhancing [our students'] capability as they embark on their first airline job[s]." The CTC Aviation deployment demonstrates how SERA can increase the value of any training device.

Image of an Airliner1 FMC trainer

Image courtesy Airliner1

About ASTi

ASTi is the leading supplier of communications, automated ATC, and sound systems to the training and simulation industry. ASTi meets FAA, EASA and equivalent Level D qualifications with simulators around the world. Since 1989, ASTi has fielded over 11,715 systems at more than 800 installation sites in the U.S. and 49 other countries.


To learn more about SERA, please contact:
Advanced Simulation Technology inc.
500A Huntmar Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: (703) 471-2104

Image of an Airliner1 FMC trainer

Image courtesy Airliner1

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