Software Pricing

Software Upgrade for Voisus and Telestra

Part Numbers:

(where 'ver' represents the new software version)

The cost of a software upgrade is based on two factors:

  1. The total value of software on a system (at the software's current price and excluding 3rd-party licensing), and
  2. How long it has been since the system was shipped or last updated (whichever is most recent)

Customers pay a percentage of the software value based upon how recently the system was shipped or previously enjoyed a software update. An example will follow; the rates are:

10% for systems that were shipped or updated over 1 year ago
20% for systems over 2 years
30% over 3 years
40% over 4 years
50% over 5 years
75% over 6 years

If it has been more than 7 years since the system in question was shipped or updated, software upgrades are full price (i.e., 100% of the cost of the software on the system).


An ASTi system is purchased with software valued at $10,000 and shipped to the customer. No software maintenance is purchased with this system. Later, after 25 months in the field, the customer wants to update his system to run ASTi's latest software.

Since the upgrade will be purchased after 2 years of the system's ship date, the price equals 20% of the software value ($10,000): $2,000.

Software Maintenance Agreements

In all of the following part numbers, the ##### placeholder represents a combination of the agreement term in years, the number of systems covered under the agreement and additional information relevant to ASTi's production department.

ASTi offers 4 types of software maintenance agreements:

  1. Software Maintenance (P/N: SW-M-#####)
  2. Software and Information Assurance (IA) Maintenance (P/N: SW-M-IA-#####)
  3. Software Maintenance plus Support Services (P/N: SW-M-S-#####)
  4. Software and IA Maintenance plus Support Services (P/N: SW-M-IA-S-#####)

Pricing for numbers 1 and 2 above starts at 8.5% of a system's software value (at the software's current price and excluding 3rd-party licensing) per year. The percentage decreases as the value of the software on the system increases; contact ASTi for more information.

Pricing for options 3 and 4 above starts at 8.5% of the software value, plus additional charges based on the type and number of support services required by the customer (e.g., remote email/phone support, on-site services by ASTi staff, etc.). Contact ASTi to receive a quote for these maintenance agreements.


An ASTi system is purchased with software valued at $10,000 and the customer also wishes to receive regular software and IA updates for the next 2 years.

One year of maintenance equals 8.5% of the software value ($10,000): $850. Two years, then, costs $1,700.

Note: IA software support or maintenance is available only to U.S. customers.