Voisus® Cloud Configuration on Customer-Furnished Equipment (CFE)


Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)


ASTi installed its Voisus product suite on the FAA’s CFE at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. Pilots and controllers use Voisus to support and test FAA equipment in a classroom environment. In addition to Voisus’s Radio Bridge™ product, ASTi also provided a press-to-talk (PTT) logging capability, centralized cloud configuration, and ED-137 compatibility.

FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

Challenges &

The challenge requirements are listed in blue; ASTi's applicable components are in black:

FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

Press-to-Talk (PTT) Logging

Record pilot’s PTT button presses to analyze when transmissions occurred and how long they lasted.

ASTi created a custom capability for the FAA: PTT logging that records the time and duration of pilots’ PTT button presses. This capability also identifies the radio and client associated with the transmission. As a result, the FAA can review accidental button presses, investigating how and why they occurred.

Easy Setup via Central Cloud Configuration

Share a Voisus server’s configuration with multiple servers, simplifying setup.

Voisus setup is now faster and easier with central configuration and superior cloud support. Previously, the FAA needed to individually configure each server, a tedious and time-consuming process with a large number of devices. Now they can configure just one server and share its settings amongst a group by setting the same cloud ID on each server. Other cloud capabilities include assigning clients to a server, designating backup servers to clients in case of failure, and monitoring cloud health all from a single location.

ASTi Software on CFE

Install ASTi software on host hardware running multiple applications, consolidating resources.

The customer needed an adaptable audio and comms solution that could run in any training environment. In response, ASTi installed Voisus on eight of the FAA’s existing servers, replacing a deprecated system. Deploying this lightweight solution saved the FAA both an initial hardware investment and ongoing maintenance costs, resulting in a more compact, cost-efficient setup.

Components Deployed

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