Virtualized Comms & Audio Solution with Small Hardware Footprint


QuantaDyn and the U.S. Air Force (USAF)


ASTi provided the audio and communications component for QuantaDyn’s QFires DT-100 desktop trainers. These systems function similarly to the Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System (JTC-TRS) with a more space-efficient design. Three types of stations (i.e., student, instructor/observer, and role-player) allow for flexible setup.

ASTi’s Voisus product enables network communication among the stations. It also provides Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) interoperability with other QFires trainers and systems on the simulation network, such as Distributed Mission Operations (DMO). The Earshot product generates a dynamic sound environment that includes vehicles, weapons fire, and detonations.

JTAC simulator training by SSgt Ramon Adelan

JTAC simulator training by SSgt Ramon Adelan

Challenges &

The challenge requirements are listed in blue; ASTi's applicable components are in black:

JTAC simulator training by SSgt Ramon Adelan

JTAC simulator training by SSgt Ramon Adelan

Compact Configuration with Less Hardware

Eliminate the need for a server and amplifier, creating a smaller, more portable solution.

To meet the customer’s limited space requirements, ASTi reduced the hardware configuration’s size, weight, and power usage while still delivering advanced capabilities. We replaced a Voisus server, amplifier, and AI-S with an AI-Delta audio distribution device and a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM). The new ASTi system consumes significantly less rack space than the previous configuration.

The customer deployed the VM on their hosting architecture, allowing Voisus software and run-time licenses to operate without a server. The AI-Delta’s two channels allow students to communicate on headsets. It also provides audio output to two speakers, which supplies the DT-100 with environmental audio. Combining the AI-Delta with a VM eliminates the need for additional hardware, providing a smaller footprint that fits in the customer’s tight space.

Information Assurance (IA) and Software Maintenance

Meet the government’s stringent security requirements for information technology (IT) systems.

ASTi offers two options for IA and software maintenance: an ongoing maintenance program or a one-time hardening procedure that customers can apply to simulator accreditation boundaries. Both approaches relieve onsite technical staff of difficult and time-consuming IA procedures.

The customer subscribed to ASTi’s IA and software maintenance program. ASTi provided IA and Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD IT controls, conformance to DoD standards, and operating system patch management throughout the product’s life cycle. The customer receives quarterly updates, ensuring their IT systems meet the highest government accreditation standards.

Environmental Audio on a Virtual Machine

Route low-latency and continuous aural cues for environmental, vehicle, and weapon sounds without an amplifier or server.

To save space, the customer eliminated their amplifier and replaced their server with a VM. While VMs are cheaper and easier to deploy, they often experience audio glitches stemming from timing and latency issues. The customer needed a reliable way to generate audio in real time—without an amplifier or server.

ASTi solved these problems with a new product: the AI-Delta. This audio and I/O distribution device can synchronize audio with the virtual machine and handle unpredictable timing better than an amplifier. For deployments with more frequent timing jitters, ASTi developed an audio buffer that users can configure in the Voisus web interface.

Components Deployed

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