Stryker Virtual Collective Trainer (SVCT) Program


U.S. Army


ASTi delivered products and support for a total of 48 Stryker simulators. Features include a simulated radio and intercom communication system, hardware replications of Stryker Full-Function Crew Station (FFCS) control panels, and PRC-119 ASIP radio skins on tablet PCs. This solution integrates out of the box with the Army’s military headsets and Games For Training (GFT).

Additional purchases included Voisus Simscribe, a networked capture-and-replay tool that facilitates after-action review of voice traffic. Users can jump to key audio events with Simscribe’s interface controls, time stamps, and event annotation. The customer also subscribed to ASTi’s Information Assurance (IA) maintenance program for quarterly software-hardening packages. These updates are easy to install, thus relieving technical staff of difficult, time-consuming IA chores.

Stryker by 1st Lt. Susan Penning

Stryker by 1st Lt. Susan Penning

Challenges &

The challenge requirements are listed in blue; ASTi's applicable components are in black:

Stryker by 1st Lt. Susan Penning

Stryker by 1st Lt. Susan Penning

Rapid-Reaction Delivery

Implement a custom solution in an extremely short timeframe.

Whereas most custom solutions take six months to a year to implement, the US Army needed a convoy trainer communication solution for its infantry simulator in just four months. Their solution also required custom work, which meant more development effort in less time.

Fortunately, as a long-time innovator in modeling and simulation, ASTi has extensive experience with quick-reaction development and integration. Our application engineers and developers worked overtime to meet the customer’s aggressive deadline. Not only did we deliver this tailored solution on time, but we also completed onsite integration, troubleshooting, and training in less than a week.

Onsite Installation and Training

Integrate the US Army’s audio system and train technical staff.

In addition to development and delivery, the US Army needed help installing the communication system. ASTi application engineers traveled to six different sites, configuring the equipment and troubleshooting issues to make sure the system was operating correctly. They also conducted New Equipment Training (NET) to teach instructors and soldiers how to set up and use the new system. At each site, installation, troubleshooting, and training only took five days.

IA Compliance

Maintain ongoing compliance with stringent DoD cybersecurity certification and accreditation processes, such as DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Authority to Operate (ATO) and Risk Management Framework (RMF).

The US Army subscribed to ASTi’s IA maintenance program to receive periodic, software-hardening packages that are easy to install, thus relieving their technical staff of difficult, time-consuming IA chores. ASTi’s current generation server products are based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the most certified operating system (OS) available today. The IA program is an ideal security solution for customers who require even more rigorous IA controls, conformance to DoD standards, and OS patch management throughout the product’s life.

A Custom Solution with Cutting-Edge Technology

Develop custom hardware panels and advanced radio skins.

To free up live radios and equipment, the US Army opted to use simulated radios and advanced radio skins in its communication solution. Not only are simulated radios cheaper, but they also offer live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training benefits. In response, ASTi created a made-to-order communication system that encompasses 48 simulators, nearly 300 FFCS hardware panels, and over 2,000 clients across six sites. This communication system replaced a previous vendor’s solution, increasing the program’s reliability and fidelity.

The FFCS hardware panels work with ASTi’s Voisus product to create fully functional replicas that look and behave just like the real radios. The panels include intercom functionality for internal crew communications. Our developers also created custom-built PRC-119 ASIP radio skins that stack on touchscreen tablet Windows® PCs running the Voisus Client for Desktops & Tablets.

Support for Multiple Headsets

Support several different headsets, including the Bose Triport, Racal, and Combat Vehicle Crew (CVC) helmets.

ASTi met the customer’s requirement to support multiple headsets using the ACU2, an audio distribution device that connects to the FFCS panels. The ACU2 is a compact, 48-kHz digital and audio distribution device that connects remotely located operator headsets, speakers, control panels and other peripherals to a central server via the ACENet architecture. It supports a variety of headsets, including those required by the US Army. The ACU2 also allows customers to adjust the headsets’ input and output gains in the Voisus web interface.

Components Deployed

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