Customer Praise

These are all real quotes from real ASTi customers. Please forgive our coyness; we do our best to respect the privacy of our customers and the details of their programs outside our self-aggrandizing news items and press releases.

… thanks for all the help… You have by far the best customer service I've dealt with in a while… I would have been lost without the support. Industry Systems Analyst
It was a pleasure working with ASTi in support of LSE 14. The ASTi Radios performed very well during the exercise. We ended up using every server and the radios at multiple sites. USMC, I MEF LVC-TE Integrator
We have been using our ASTi system quite frequently and it has performed flawlessly. Ft. Indiantown Gap Mission Training Complex
ASTi is my go-to vendor for simulated comms and sound. You're the Easy Button. I wish you could solve the rest of my simulator problems. Program Manager
The exercise went really great, the unit and trainers were very amazed at the clarity and simplicity of the ASTi. Awesome product, thank you for the upgrade and the training. Senior Communications Engineer at Army Mission Training Complex
Yesterday, I was wearing the ASTi shirt… when I had my "breakthrough" moment… that was cool and quite apropos given the training [ASTi Engineers] gave me to make it possible… The past few weeks working with the ASTi equipment has felt more like fun than actual work! LVC Integrator
I speak for [a large simulator company] when I say "thank you" for your help … This is further evidence of the great working relationship we have with ASTi and the continued support you and your organization provide us on [training program] and other simulation programs. Project Manager
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your web site! As for customer support it is invaluable! I don't remember any time I have gone to it that I didn't find the information I needed to process requisitions. Keep up the good work! QA Engineer
We are now several days into the … exercise, and I have been receiving great feedback on comms from the guys …. The ASTi solution is proving to be very stable, and offers significantly more functionality than the DND-developed VOIP softphone solution used last year—particularly now that the HLA entity attachment/radio ranging functionality has been resolved. … In total there are 60 operator positions, all with local intercom access, plus nearly 100 fully-configurable simulated radio objects. Please pass on my thanks to the team; we would never have met our … 'start of exercise' date without your assistance. Communications Specialist
Already this morning people noticed the sound was way better than it ever was… It is always a pleasure working with you guys, I really mean it. Professionalism seems so hard to come by these days… International Commercial Program Manager
[The model] works like a dream - thanks for all your efforts on this. We can now check out the model at our leisure in MBV and see how far away we were! Integration week starts [soon]… so all your help at short notice has been much appreciated. It is one less headache for us at this end. Many thanks to you all for getting us up and running. Senior Software Engineer
I've been very impressed with the promptness of your replies, considering how busy you must be after I/ITSEC. It makes a pleasant change from some companies where you have to constantly chase them and prise the information out of them. European Simulation Engineer
I just wanted to let you know that [ASTi] did a great job with the training last week and the… team [was] pleased with the outcome. [T]he trainees indicated that the training was extremely useful and well executed. Please pass on my thanks to [ASTi engineer] for an outstanding job. Company Training Coordinator
I wanted to thank you for your very valuable assistance in getting the ASTi Telestra to talk to our DMT Portal. Your willingness to come at a moment's notice and stay late, as well as your thorough knowledge of your product and professional demeanor, reflect brightly on ASTi. DMT Test Team
I wanted to extend my deepest thanks for getting our [equipment] replaced so quickly a month or so back. I just realized that with everything going on around here, I never took the time to say ‘Thanks’! ASTi has always been so responsive to us when called upon… I wish all of our vendors were more like you. Systems Integration Engineer
The ASTi team and Voisus system have been instrumental to the success of the I MEF LVC efforts. USMC, I MEF LVC Lead
Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for sharing your time and expertise with our team! We look forward to working with you as we integrate the new hardware and those cool V-22 and CH-47 models into our sim, and as we work together on that single rotor model. Software Engineer for a major defense contractor
We have received the cables and were able to use them today on an actual simulation event. They worked perfectly. USAF Simulator Operator
[T]hank you for your heroics helping us complete our product at the 'eleventh hour'. You were a driving force knowing exactly what needed to be done, working two incredible days... I truly appreciate your traveling with no notice and working within our critical schedule constraints as if this were your own project. Program Manager for an F-15 training program
We made sure to tell everyone that you all supported us when we needed it and that we think ASTi is the way to go for comms in games and battle command events. Manager at Army Mission Training Complex
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your work on this effort; sending [ASTi Engineer] was an excellent choice, we were very impressed with him and he represented ASTi very well… Again, thank you for your outstanding customer support, we look forward to future efforts. Project Manager
I'd like to express my gratitude to you and ASTi for sticking with our program. This program has been an extreme challenge and not once did you guys walk away. To me what counts in the end is how you finished the program and I'm pleased with the product and effort we have delivered to the Air Force. As always your professionalism and work ethic is what makes ASTi a solid team partner. Project Manager
Thanks for the hard work and prompt production… I've received nothing but positive feedback from everyone there. All seem to be happy with the system. Senior Engineer Tech
I want to thank you and ASTi for the tremendous support received… It is my intention to keep ASTi as the leading voice communication solution for all of my future projects. Furthermore, I would like to continue the excellent dialogue that took place. Again, thank you for your support. Customer Program Engineer
The PC'ver is great. It has saved us a lot of unnecessary running around. The capability to tune in to someone's radio and walk them through the setup has been invaluable. The [Radio Diagnostic] tool is by far the most useful. The ability to see a snap shot of every radio on the network is a tremendous help. We use both tools daily. Customer Engineer
I wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing [us] to attend the ASTi Training Course provided… last week. It was a pleasure working with [the ASTi engineers]. They provided us with all the tools to successfully integrate the DACS solution into [our application]. They skillfully guided us through the process, and sent us home with the appropriate… files so we can plan ahead for our upcoming integration.

It was a pleasure to meet with you all and discuss future opportunities that we feel will benefit [both companies] in the future… Again, thank you for your time, and thank you for providing the professional support of [the ASTi engineers]. They did an outstanding job! Senior Systems Engineer
I wanted to let you know that [our] team has been very impressed with ASTi's performance and delivery of your products as promised on the very challenging schedule we imposed on you for the [program]. I also wanted to recognize [ASTi] for a job well done on the support shown in getting the software up and running within our needed times… For a job well done, Thanks. Integration Team Lead
You are the best provider of quality audio and communications systems in the training and simulation market. Research Engineer
Thanks again for coming over and fixing our problems! It shows of a quality awareness at ASTi that I don't think many companies can match. Swedish Research Institute