ASTi Download Portal

ASTi's download portal is a standalone website we use to electronically transfer files to our customers. You received an email notification because you have one or more files to download.

Is This For Real?

Yes. While we appreciate healthy skepticism in the face of countless online threats, the email notification and file transfer portal are legitimate means to deliver software and other electronic files to ASTi customers.

What Are These Files?

They could be anything, but most often we use the portal to send things like:


The login screen looks like this (without the red arrows):

Portal login screen.

If you received an email that says you have files available, that means we already set up an account for you. If you don't remember your username, email us at, and we'll track it down for you. If you forgot your password, there's a link on the login page where you can "set up a new one".

File Access

Once you log in, you should be able to see the files that are available for download, like this:

Display of files for you to download.

Files that are assigned to you will remain in that list until either:

  1. They expire, or
  2. You are removed from the list of recipients, or
  3. The file is removed from the portal.

Questions or Problems?

Send an email to, and a live human will contact you as soon as possible.