Updated Part Numbers for the New Motherboard 2018–2019

ASTi is discontinuing its current chipset due to an obsolescence notification from our supplier. The end-of-life announcement means that ASTi’s products will soon incorporate a new motherboard. All other chassis hardware will remain unchanged.

If you wish to order new ASTi systems with the "same" configuration (save for the motherboard), find the old part number in this table to learn the new part number.

Old P/N New P/N
T4-DEV-03 T4-DEV-04
T4H-21240-66 T4H-51340-69
T4H-21250-66 T4H-51350-69
T4H-21370-66 T4H-51370-69
T4H-25250-66 T4H-55350-69
T4H-25250-76 T4H-55350-79
T4H-25260-66 T4H-55360-69
T4H-28350-66 T4H-58350-69
T4H-212505-66 T4H-513505-69
T4H-212600-66 T4H-513600-69
T4H-252500-76 T4H-553500-79
T4H-252505-66 T4H-553505-69
T4H-252600-66 T4H-553600-69
T4H-253705-66 T4H-553705-69
VSH-232501-12 VSH-533501-19
VSH-252100-76 VSH-553100-79
VSH-252104-66 VSH-553104-69
VSH-282504-66 VSH-583504-69
VSH-252100-26 VSH-553100-29
VSH-252100-66 VSH-553100-69
VSH-252501-66 VSH-553501-69