Using our back-end network logging technology, ASTi has created Comms Logger, a tactical comms archiving and retrieval tool. This single app records Radio over IP, network intercom, calling and conferencing, VoIP and public telephone traffic for easy retrieval and review.

Comms Logger Web Interface

Key Features

  • Tactical communications archiving and retrieval
  • Centralized, web-based configuration and management
  • Network based recording
  • Access and manage from any workstation with a web browser
  • Responsive, intuitive search and audio review
  • Supports capturing tens of thousands of channel hours
  • Multiple users may connect, monitor, and analyze different sets of data simultaneously
  • Intuitive filter and inspection features
  • Resiliency and redundancy features and options
  • Uses open and standard data formats
  • Guaranteed DIS interoperability; proven compliance with ASTi radios

Example Applications

  • Range Control for test and evaluation ranges
  • Live training and experimentation centers
  • Anywhere tactical communications archiving and retrieval are needed for operations and incident review