Unified Comms

I/ITSEC 2014 | What's New

Keeping your business or facility running smoothly relies on effective communication. Too often, situations arise that bring to light a missing piece of your communications infrastructure. If you're like the majority of people, you quickly find a solution to that particular problem, and cross it off of your To-Do list. Unfortunately, this usually results in a patchwork of disparate and incompatible systems that work just well enough to keep your comms hobbling along until the next issue arises.

We recently developed new capabilities for our Voisus® product that can bring all these systems together, and provide a unified operator interface that allows you to communicate with:

  • Live radios like the kind used by the military, police, fire & rescue, dispatch, fleet and field staff
  • Publicly switched (standard) telephones
  • Mobile phones
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) SIP phones
  • Network-based intercom operators
  • ASTi's network-based conferencing system
  • Workstations on your network using desktop, tablet and touchscreen panel computers
  • Training assets like simulators, classrooms, DIS exercises, after-action review (AAR) facilities
  • Anyone on your network with a web browser

The flexible Voisus client also provides the operator with remote control of certain live radios like PRC-117F/G, PRC-119 SINCGARS or URC-200. Users can change frequencies, squelch, power, modulation and select presets directly from the unified operator interface.

By using a network-centric architecture, Voisus consolidates all the different types of communication devices into a common format. This ensures that they all work together seamlessly, and opens the door for audio and voice logging, recording, archival, retrieval, and analysis. Voisus unified comms is guaranteed to be compatible with our Simscribe, DIScribe, and Communications Logger platforms.