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I/ITSEC 2014 | What's New

When most of our customers think of ASTi, they think of radios, comms and sound. But did you know we also offer a suite of products for after-action review (AAR), communications logging, and exercise analysis?

Using our back-end network logging technology, ASTi has created three new and powerful tools: Simscribe™, DIScribe™, and Communications Logger™. Together, these products cover everything from training system record and playback for AAR to live, tactical comms archiving and retrieval to DIS-based exercise analysis. Highlights include:


Example Applications

  • Air, land and sea simulators
  • Serious Game/VBS™ communications recording/review
  • Live radio communications
  • Classroom student/instructor based training

Key Features

  • Centralized, web-based configuration and management
  • Direct integration with VBS™
  • Customizable record and playback filters
  • Time stamping and on-the-fly event annotation
  • Guaranteed DIS interoperability; proven compliance with ASTi radios
  • Open API facilitates integration with your AAR tools

Communications Logger

Example Applications

  • Test and evaluation ranges
  • Live training and experimentation centers
  • Anywhere tactical communications archiving and retrieval are needed for operations and incident review

Key Features

  • Tactical communications archiving and retrieval
  • Network based recording
  • Access and manage from any workstation with a web browser
  • Responsive, intuitive search and audio review
  • Single app records Radio over IP, network intercom, calling and conferencing, VoIP and public telephone
  • Supports capturing tens of thousands of channel hours
  • Resiliency and redundancy features and options


Example Applications

  • DIS based training exercise monitoring and analysis
  • PDU and standards compliance testing analysis
  • Exercise integration and debug support
  • Simulation test and experimentation

Key Features

  • Capture and analyze any DIS PDU
  • Live and post-exercise analysis
  • DIS versions 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Uses open and standard data formats
  • Multiple users may connect, monitor, and analyze different sets of data simultaneously
  • Intuitive filter and inspection features
  • Maps, tables, and graphs help visualize complex data