The Flex Client: Coming Soon to a Voisus near You

Get ready to flex those comms muscles, because the Flex Client is coming to ASTi’s Voisus product in 2022. It’s scalable, it’s fully integrated, and it includes powerful functionality like intercom and remote radio control. Change operating parameters like frequency, modulation type, power level, and squelch from a distance, or patch a radio to another radio/phone line from any connected client. Get streamlined access to a variety of endpoints, including Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN), Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and mobile phones, live land-mobile and military radios, and conferencing.

With the Flex Client, you have the power to choose. Want a white and blue color scheme to match your company logo? You got it. Need to rearrange the buttons in a specific order? No problem. Just set up a Flex Layout in the Voisus web interface, where you can choose the size and location of buttons, select from a variety of button types (e.g., radios, intercoms, phone lines), and more. You can even control which comms assets operators can access.

We’ve got good news: Information Assurance and software maintenance subscribers can access Flex Client’s robust capabilities in 2022! To see how the Flex Client fits into your application, contact ASTi at, or go to Flex Client.