ASTi Provides 3D Sound and Simulated Radio Comms for JTAC Training Dome System

November 25, 2014

Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi), announced today that they received a follow-on order from QuantaDyn Corporation for Voisus simulated radio communications and environmental sound subsystems which will be integrated into nine (9) additional Air National Guard Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training Systems (AAJTS). Prior to this order, ASTi delivered Voisus systems that were integrated into 14 AAJTS production units.

AAJTS is a critical training system for Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACs) and Forward Air Controllers (FACs); it is the only simulator system accredited to replace live controls including Types 1, 2, and 3 with laser target designation in both day and night operations. AAJTS supports squadron level continuation, qualification and mission rehearsal training, and is used by the Air National Guard, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps.

ASTi's Voisus is commercial off the shelf (COTS) product line selected by QuantaDyn to meet AAJTS program demands for: accelerated development, rapid procurement, and expedited fielding schedule. Voisus product modules fulfilling AAJTS program requirements are:

Communications Client

Virtual radios realistically simulate the operational characteristics of combat radios used by JTACs (PRC-117, PRC-148 and PRC-152), and model the effects of over-the-air ranging, as well as crypto and frequency hopping modes. Voisus also features graphical, interactive radio faceplates (skins) running on touchscreen tablets, providing an high-value user interface solution for JTAC trainees.


This 3D sound product automatically generates an immersive, 360-degree soundscape, and accurately simulates battlefield environmental sounds. Earshot works out of the box; it needs only connections to a network, and a commercial 7.1 surround sound system. Earshot detects the virtual battlespace location of simulation entity types (ground vehicles, rotary and fixed wing aircraft, weapons fire and detonations, etc.), and generates associated sounds that automatically track the moving locations of the simulation entities, providing Doppler effects, distance effects like explosion sound delay, terrain occulting, and interference along the sound path.

About ASTi

Since 1989, ASTi has been at the forefront of simulation innovation, delivering products that provide highly immersive synthetic sound effects, virtual radio communications, live radio-over-IP bridging, networked voice integration and interactive voice-enabled training solutions to enhance training and experimentation effectiveness across live, virtual, constructive and gaming domains. To learn more about ASTi, please visit

AAJTS Partners

AAJTS is a joint effort of the USAF Trainer Development Division, QuantaDyn, Battlespace Simulations (BSI), Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI), MetaVR and ASTi.

Oklahoma National Guard AAJTS Video:

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