DIS Compliant

Telestra software provides compatible communication over Ethernet DIS standards, extending the full radio communication and intercom functionality of the software to include any other DIS device connected to the network. Connection across the network is invisible to the user, and all radio and intercom functionality remains entirely realistic.

Installation is simple. The addition of the true plug-and-play capability is achieved when installed on a trainer that has real world coordinates included in the radio model (a standard feature of the ASTi Radio).

Radios also attach to DIS entities, simply by supplying the DIS identifier for the entity. No modification to the code controlling the entity is required.

The software provides Transmitter, Receiver, and Signal PDU (Protocol Data Unit) support for real world presentation of radio communications. Signal quality is based upon the actual physics of electromagnetic wave propagation and includes effects such as:

  • Signal reception based on tune frequency comparison, signal strength, antenna gain and front end noise factor
  • Signal attenuation and noise level based on frequency (UHF/VHF/HF) and type of transmission (AM/FM)
  • Line of sight and over the horizon
  • AGC and Squelch
  • Ranging based on WGS84 reference datum is a standard feature.
  • Occulting and degradation due to terrain is optional.

Each Transceiver can handle up to 16 simultaneous streams with the capability to support several dozen Transceivers in a given model.

Radio components can be located in geodetic or geocentric coordinates depending upon the user's simulation convention. ASTi radios are configurable to automatically extract world position.

Signal PDUs provide support for both analog and digital radio systems using selectable digital audio coding process like: MuLaw, CVSD and PCM. Other compression algorithms are added as the market demands.

Coordinates from Entity State PDUs (ie. Entity Attach).