High Level Architecture Radio & Simulation Communications

ASTi's HLA software package adds High Level Architecture (HLA) capabilities to ASTi's complete radio simulation and communications environment. With the additional HLA software, full HLA compliance is provided without sacrificing ASTi's full range of high fidelity, network based radio and communications simulation capabilities.

Unlike many other HLA solutions, ASTi's HLA implementation was developed from the ground up to fully exploit the flexibility and interoperability envisioned under DMSO's High Level Architecture standard. Multiple RTI support, established and published Radio SOM, agile FOM capabilities, back-channel communications options, and debug tools offer users a well-supported HLA environment. In addition, ASTi's Telestra server, with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OS and dual core processing, takes advantage of high performance, industrial, off-the-shelf technology to provide increased HLA performance and reliability at a reasonable cost.

Customers can deploy a Telestra with HLA software on the same platform with the communication models including radios, network intercoms, engines, etc. Alternatively, a separate Telestra can be configured to run the HLA software while leaving the communications models on a dedicated Telestra.

HLA Diagram