Record & Replay

Record and replay of audio is an integral part of simulated training exercises today. Whether for after action review or simulating the recall function of a communications panel, ASTi is your solution. During an exercise, Telestra software allows the user to record multiple audio streams including voice traffic, radio sounds, and environmental noises.

The Telestra Record and Replay component allows for real time playback by recording directly to the Telestra hard drive. As a result, record times are only limited by the size of Telestra hard drive. The Telestra also supports several different record rates, allowing for longer recordings that use less space. Alternatively, the Telestra can be configured to write to another storage device on the network. Each customer often has their own unique configuration for network storage. Contact ASTi for details on how to set up your configuration.

Some additional features include:

  • Multiple independent record and playback channels
  • Simultaneous Record and Playback
  • Ability to convert recordings into WAV file format
  • Demonstration Voice Overlay
  • Last "n" minutes continuous recordings
  • Flexible selection of audio streams to record
  • Controls to integrate with other simulation recordings, such as the visual system
  • Selectable compression algorithms