Telestra Software

Telestra 3D Soundfield Reconstruction

The Telestra 3D Soundfield Reconstruction technology is a breakthrough in the field of 3D sound for the simulation and training industry. The new 3D sound positioning capability offers a rich and immersive soundfield reproduction experience. Incorporated into Telestra software, the 3D sound simulation offers capabilities such as:

  • Easy and accurate sound positioning
  • Full 360 degree soundfield support
  • Virtual speaker location
  • Channel equalization for improved accuracy
  • Full 3D effects in stereo headset and speakers

ASTi's approach is different in that it doesn't encode the channel audio; the encoding of the signal simply describes the directionality of the source signal. This approach separates the encoding of the signal from the configuration used to replay the signals. The decoder assumes the role of determining how the soundfield descriptor values are used to reconstruct the soundfield. The advantage of this approach is that it makes no assumption regarding the orientation of the listener and it is not restricted to horizontal-only directionality.

The 3D technology may also be applied to a 3D headset sound requirement, via application of virtual channels and the application of Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) filters, resulting in a significant improvement in fidelity, localization accuracy, and overall soundfield "believability."

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