Telestra Software

HF Propagation

A myriad of factors affect HF propagation in the radio environment such as time–of–day, time–of–year, global location, solar cycle, sunspot activity, and more. These environmental factors produce ionospheric effects. To produce realistic HF communications, these factors are taken into account in the virtual environment with ASTi's Telestra HF propagation software.

Based on established communications industry standards and algorithms, ASTi's HF environment serves up appropriate HF band effects (time–of–day, time–of–year, global location, solar cycle, skip and bounce) to produce accurate path loss factors for every transmitter/receiver pair in the simulation exercise. With the increase in wide–area network exercises featuring tens of training devices, hundreds of radios, and thousands of entities, ASTi's high–performance Telestra server preserves accuracy, and meets ever–increasing network demand.

HF/ALE Propagation