Telestra Software

Satellite Communications

Telestra SATCOM, in combination with Telestra simulated radio objects, extends the simulated radio environment to include the effects of voice communication delays over satellite links.

Satellite Diagram

Telestra SATCOM provides high–fidelity satellite communications modeling, including adjustable voice delays, uplink and downlink frequency modeling, half– or full–duplex communications channels, satellite positioning, channel allocation, and pass band discrimination. These features provide both general SATCOM simulation effects and realistic simulation for a wide range of satellite communications modes such as:

  • 5kHz and 25kHz Dedicated
  • 5kHz DASA
  • 25kHz DC DASA
  • 5 KHz DAMA
  • 25 KHz AC DAMA
  • 25 KHz DC DAMA
Satellite Diagram

Satellite simulation supports up to 255 simultaneous links, along with multiple exercises. In a network exercise, there may be dozens of radios (or more) "using" the virtual satellite. Set up different SATCOM modes with each mode having their own user-defined delays. In addition, satellite simulation parameters are modifiable, to affect all SATCOM communications tied to the satellite in the exercise.

Secure and frequency–hop communications modes are also realistically maintained. For convenience and flexibility, a host interface provides the ability to set and modify specific parameters.

Telestra SATCOM is seamlessly integrated with the radio modeling environment with no additional systems required. Simply add multiple satellite components to a model to simulate multiple, independent satellites.