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Telestra 3D Soundfield Reconstruction

Advantages of SFRC

There are a number of aspects that warrant discussion, but the most important and fundamental advantage is that the system has the ability to impart true 360 degree sound, in a way that no conventional surround system can provide. The reality is, that no matter what any other approach claims, only a system based on similar principles can hope to match the capabilities of SFRC.

Secondly, there is the important fact that the soundfield presented to the listeners is not pre-oriented, meaning that fully accurate sound localization is maintained irrespective of the position and orientation of the listeners within the replay soundfield. In fact, good sound directionality is maintained throughout the envelope of the replay speaker system, and even beyond the boundary of the speaker system.

Another advantage is the basis for the system being a true encode/decode architecture allowing the simulation model to be reused for any desired configuration of replay channels, without requiring any change to the model or redefining the sound positioning definition.

Finally, the ability to deploy the same core capability to all classes of aural cue problems simplifies the effort required to deploy SFRC as an integral part of the ASTi product range, and allows exposure by application to support further refinement of the product.

SFRC technology may also be applied to a 3D headset sound requirement, via application of virtual channels and the application of HRTF filters, resulting in a significant improvement in fidelity, localization accuracy, and overall soundfield “believability.”

SFRC Applications and Demonstrations

The introduction of SFRC technology represents the first significant breakthrough in the field of sound for the simulation and training industry for many years, and allows the full fidelity of current sound system technology to reach a totally immersive sound replay environment.

In order to “put up, or shut up,” ASTi is pleased to invite all interested parties to experience the capabilities of SFRC for themselves, at the permanent demonstration facility set-up at the ASTi Headquarters in Herndon, VA. Please Contact ASTi for further information, or to arrange a visit.

Potential applications for SFRC:

  • Soundfield recreation for FAC, forward deployed troop gunnery, and ground-to-air “dome” simulators
  • Convoy trainers
  • Conventional full-flight Level D simulators
  • Flight simulators at all fidelity levels
  • Demonstration rooms, stealth view, and VIP ‘eye on the battlefield’ facilities
  • “3D” headset sound

We may have forgotten some, so please contact us if you feel this would fit your application.

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